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Forum Rules

Post by -Geo- on Sun Feb 21, 2016 10:15 pm

Hello There, here are the Forum Rules

- Be Polite and always Respect your fellow Players.
- Listen to forum administration and respect choices made.
- Leave all moderation to forum moderators or administration

Don't s
- Do not swear
- Do not lie, let's be honest.
- Do not Multi Post
- Do not create or post any inappropriate content
- Do not engage in any illegal or malicious actions.
- Do not use colored text in titles or posts.

3 Warnings - 1 Day Ban
5 Warnings - 2 Day Ban
7 Warnings - 6 Day Ban
9 Warnings - 7 Day Ban
13 Warnings - 9 Day Ban
15 Warnings - Permaban.

Warnings look like this: Please be informed that _______ is v violating our forum rules. Forum Rules may reviewed here  -Moderated by Geo.


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